Featured Ball Python Morph

We will feature an image of different ball python morph so you can get a visual of what each animal looks like.
Fire Ball Python
Genenic Makeup
What genes are present in this ball python morph: Fire

Fire Ball Python

Known information about the Fire ball python

The Fire ball python morph is a base morph that lightens the color of the python over time. It also tends to clean the pattern making it crisper. Fire is part of the Leucistic complex and breeding Fire to Fire will create a Super Fire that is typically an all white snake with some yellowish tint. This is referred to as "co-dominance" in the ball python world. Fires tend to vary greatly from one python to another. We tend to like Fires that have a clean pattern and clear definition from the black pattern to the colored portions of the snake. The color should have a clean gold look to it. Sulfur is a python morph similar to the Fire and many believe they are simply different lines of the same gene. Super forms of the sulfur tend to display more yellow on them. We don't believe one morph is stronger then the other and you should choose based on what you feel is the best option for your breeding program.

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